Corporate Services

Incorporate and administer your company in Mauritius. We provide the associated corporate and compliance support that you may require, including the provision of nominee directors, company domiciliation services, company secretarial support and accounting services.

Consulting Services

We guide you through the Mauritian compliance and business environment and refer you to trusted specialist partners if necessary. For example:

  • guidance on the alternative business and ownership structures that are available in Mauritius, their features, pros and cons;
  • assistance with customs regulations, clearance and related procedures; and
  • liaison with professionals for finding office premises appropriate for your needs.

Relocation Services

We accompany you throughout this important step and facilitate the relocation process for you and your family. These services include the following:

  • customs clearance of your personal goods;
  • private school inscription for your children;
  • coordination of importation and quarantine for your pets;
  • coordination of necessary insurances in Mauritius and referral services to banks, real estate agencies and other providers;
  • connection of your home utilities, internet, security system, arranging other home services such as home inspection and inventory, home hygiene and pest inspection;
  • Concierge services.
  • Assistance with the application for your occupation or residence permit
    (Investor, professional and retired)

Legal Process Outsourcing

We provide legal process outsourcing services for inhouse departments and law firms. This includes contract drafting, letter drafting, legal project management, contract negotiation services, document reviews and tagging, and due diligence.

We also have close relationships with several law firms and legal professionals who can assist if you require legal services. We are working on providing access to an online platform that will enable you to quickly and efficiently generate contracts and other business documentation.

AML/CFT Compliance Services

AML/CFT compliance expectations are maturing rapidly in Mauritius, driven by the backlisting of our country by the European Union.

With this increased regulatory focus on compliance by the authorities, it is vital to have a comprehensive AML/CFT program in place. Stantons offers a range of AML/CFT solutions to support your business in becoming AML/CFT compliant and maintaining compliance.

Various industries are affected by the laws relating to AML/CFT, including the following: Accounting Industry; Legal Industry; Real Estate; Financial Services; Money Remitters; Payment Services; Gaming & Wagering; Trust and Company Service Providers.

We support businesses already undertaking AML/CFT activity, as well as those getting to grips with AML/CFT compliance for the first time.

Compliance with the new rules can be challenging for operators as it represents a significant business risk if not managed by professionals with experience in the field. Engaging full-time in-house professionals is often not cost-effective solution. Stantons Ltd has developed a cost-effective service for businesses affected by the AML/CFT rules, whereby you can select only those services that you need.

AML/CFT Compliance:

  • Development & maintenance your organisational risk assessment
  • Development of your AML/CFT program
  • Due diligence screening service for your clients (includes UN Sanction list, simplified due diligence & enhanced due diligence)
  • AML/CFT training and education
  • AML/CFT independent review
  • AML/CFT advisory services